Opening night

1000 roseThe opening night was a resounding success, washed down with good wine and delicious food made by Paul Couchman; Any last minute nerves were soon channeled into greeting and hospitality. Will and Sarah delivered fine speeches, sparking each other, with a lots of content off the cuff. Around 60 people attended, friends, parents, staff and supporters of the Arts. It was good to see all the work come to fruition after Months of planning and great fun in the studio. The exhibition is open till the 19th November. I’m writing this at the base of the stairs on a crisp sunny Sunday. (see illustration)

 The Regency Town House 13 Brunswick Square.  28th October – 19th November 2017
Open Wed – Sun  11.00 – 17.00

Install day 3

tate modernThe Wonderland exhibition is now installed and it has gone nicely to plan – the pictures are hung and the paint is dry. Some great set-up tips from Phil Blume, from his extensive experience of hosting events at The Regency Town House – THANK YOU!

As we finished today, the sun came out, casting a golden light on the final touches and gently reminding us to clean the glass. Next stop opening night

Install day two

together “Oh look what fell down the chimney. ” After a bit of fun to ease us into the day, the prep continued. A picture line up can be tricky; what makes a good grouping, shapes, colours or clashes? As the essence of Wonderland is topsy turvey and instinctive, anything goes and we welcome you to see for yourself. Every aspect of the the Wonderland Exhibition since it’s conception, Will and Sarah have been involved in, today being no exception. Join us tomorrow for the final tweaks!

Wonderland at The Regency Town House
28th October – 19th November 2017
Open Wed – Sun  11.00 – 17.00

Install day one

first day‘All systems go, paintings in situ, experts on hand: A grim drizzly day outside.’ Hanging paintings is an art form in itself, especially watching Phil and Glen at work. Angles, eye levels, spacing, so many things to consider. An added difficulty of working in a heritage building is that you can’t just bang a few nails in and hope for the best. This is a seriously professional operation. Summed up, a day of sprints to hardware stores, fresh coffee and the wonders and frustrations of nylon fishing wire. (See you tomorrow when Will and Sarah arrive)


Illustrated layout of the exhibition at The Regency Town House                                                       blog blogAs mentioned in the previous blog, with one week to go before the opening of the exhibition, we thought it would be handy to give everyone an illustrative idea of the placement of the paintings by Will and Sarah. We are in 2 rooms on the ground floor with full disabled access and lots of natural light pouring in. And on those dark November days some good LED lighting for back up. We look forward to seeing you over the next Month.


Framing and Printing

With 3 weeks to go to till the opening of Will and Sarah’s exhibition on the 28th October, things are now coming together nicely. Sadly our time in the Same Sky studios is over but we’ve had the best time. (Gratitude to John Varah for allowing us to share the space and the coffee machine)

Will and Sarah’s brochure has been signed off and is currently being printed at Genie, the paintings meanwhile are ready for collection, gorgeously framed by Unique Arts

Our plan on the creative side over the next few weeks is to do some pebble painting at the Carousel office, with another adventure to the art shop.


The Art of shopping in Brighton

We caught the bus from Churchill Sq to lawrence’s art shop, a quite expensive shop but  worth it as the range of materials is second to none. Sarah was like a kid in a sweet shop, “It’s really hard not to be.” Continue reading “Shopping”

Coming together

An Autumanal nip in the air this week and another really successful day at the the Same Sky studio. Sarah continued painting with acrylics on canvas, ( Becoming more confident with each stroke )
Will meanwhile has been working from home and collating his work ready for our full day at Same Sky studio next Wednesday 20th Sept. A break in the weather allowed us a few hours supporting Sarah in filming, in the inspirational rock and walled gardens of Preston Park.

( More on this at a later date )

We are very pleased to announce that our advertisement for the Wonderland Exhibition is now in the House Biennial Brochure. A big thank you to all those at   And an even bigger thank you to Lisa and Rosie at Carousel for their work in making this happen.

A day in the Studio

We met Sarah outside the Carousel office, with her luggage in tow, ready and packed for her respite care in Rottingdean later that day. This was our first visit to Same Sky studios, who have kindly allowed us to share the studio space over the next 6 weeks. Continue reading “A day in the Studio”