About Wonderland

Wonderland is a project by Sarah Watson and Will Hanekom, two learning disabled artists. It will be an exhibition of new work of their interpretation and artistic responses to Wonderland. The project will be a showcase event as this will be the first time Sarah and Will have exhibited their work together. The exhibition is open from Saturday October 28th 2017- Sunday 19th November – Wednesday – Sunday 11-5. At the Regency Town House, 13 Brunswick Square, Hove BN3 1EH It will be shown alongside partners Oska Bright film festival and HOUSE Biennial. Supported and coordinated by artist advocates Clare Sheppeard and Darren Menezes

“Everyone has their own wonderland. I have explored what this word means to me with character driven illustrations and scenery. My wonderland art very much stems from my dreams; they express the surreal, the wonderful and the nightmares.”    Will Hanekom
“My wonderland is full of colour a window to other worlds. I relate to the character Alice, she’s in all of us, dreams, imagination and craziness. I see wonderland as topsy Turvey, a place of dreams.”                     Sarah Watson

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