The Regency Town House visit

Our first site visit to the The Regency Town House post painting production went really well, with ideas brimming from everyone.

The front drawing room, painted in maroon, being the firm favourite for hanging both Sarah’s and Will’s paintings in. We chatted with Phil Blume about logistics, ranging from the private view, to painting placement and lighting: And an awareness to avoiding damaging the restoration work: The jury’s out on whether to use the glass cabinet or a table to show the sketchbooks.

Will and Sarah were both very much engaged and genuinely excited in the unfolding final preparations for the exhibition. The short film that Sarah and Will have made we plan to show on a monitor placed in the fireplace, which will give a more surreal down the chimney wonderland feel.

The back room on the ground floor which is painted yellow, is going to be the more collaborative gallery, the layout and the placing of the work to be decided more spontaneously nearer the installation date. (Which BTW begins on Monday 23rd October)

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